This Year Make Room For Some New Table Linen!

This Year Make Room For Some New Table Linen!

As the New Year commences, you can map out all of the events ahead of you including, conferences, milestones, race day functions and Christmas parties. Plan ahead and start your research early. Knowing what event you have and when will help you to forecast your needs. This year make room in the budget for some new table linen.

There are some absolutely beautiful pieces available nowadays. Whether you are after a whole suite of elements including tablecloths, overlays and cushions or you just want to add some style with the use of gorgeous linen napkins, companies such as Covered Linen can help you. When it comes to linen napkins, Covered have their beyond basic range which includes simple, top quality coloured napkins or they have their more elaborate cotton print options including amy leaf pistachio or lily pily fabrics. Choosing the correct table linen for an event is very important and a ton of fun!

Branding and product placement can be seen just about everywhere you look, so finding a unique and fun place to put your company logo can be a tricky task. Consider some personalised branding by adding your logo or mission statement to your linen. A simple addition like this can really make a difference and can help to get your message across to your staff or stakeholders.

Think of the branding opportunity you will get by ordering some custom tablecloths. They can be used at all of your functions this year and they can even be given out as gifts to staff or customers. It would be great to know that your company name or logo is in so many households and out on display for their guests to see and enjoy.

Event styling has been taken to a whole new level with the Internet. Being able to jump online and search for design elements and decorating ideas has never been easier. If you find this task a little overwhelming there are companies that will style and manage your whole event for you.

So think about your next event and consider branding elements such as your linen napkins. By doing this, you are making the function different from all the rest, it wont be the same standard linen seen at previous parties, it will be new and personalised and it will add the element of surprise and a great opportunity to get your brand noticed!
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